The tragedy of MH17 flight. The Netherlands warned Russia

13 June 2018, 18:28 | Policy
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Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said he would insist on Russia's recognition of its responsibility for the crash of MH17. He also stated the importance of the role of the European Union as a guarantor of security and stability, and linked it with Russia's behavior.

"This is what we felt in the Netherlands when the MH17 flight was shot down in 2014. And we have experienced this once again, when we decided to demand from Russia to account for its role in this drama. The European Union has united around us with the goal of demanding that Russia recognize its responsibility and cooperate with all efforts to fully clarify this incident for the implementation of justice and compliance with obligations, "said Rutte, speaking on Wednesday in the debate on the future of the European Union in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

"We thank the Union for the support that it has confirmed in this regard.. Russia continued to follow the path of denial. She continued her criticism of the investigation and continued to obstruct the clarification of the truth, "the Prime Minister of the Netherlands.

Recall, on May 24, the joint investigation team confirmed that the MH17 was shot down from the Russian "Buka", which fell on the uncontrolled territory of Ukraine from Russia. The next day, Australia and the Netherlands officially announced that it was Russia responsible for the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing 777 over Ukraine in 2014. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the statement of Australia and the Netherlands "a game in Russophobia".

On 6 June, the Government of the Netherlands stated that it did not see the responsibility of the Ukrainian authorities for the catastrophe of the Malaysian Boeing in 2014 in the sky over the Donbass.

"According to the government, for today there is no legally convincing evidence that Ukraine acted criminal when it did not close its airspace," the letter to the deputies of the lower house of the Dutch parliament.

The American edition of the Observer claims that the administration of the previous US president, a few days after the disaster, knew her true culprits, but for some reason chose the tactic of inaction.

Source: ZN.

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