PONOMAR: Do you want me to write that "Putin ordered his agent Eun to meet his man Trump" ?!

13 June 2018, 18:07 | Policy
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"I read the comments on the post about the meeting in Singapore. And every second comment - "Maybe it's Putin's operation to help Trump?".

And I think then I have to answer everyone under his comment - "So about this same post!" There are also markers standing - "empty PR meeting", "enthusiastic and solemn coverage in Ross. MASS MEDIA". The third marker was two days ago when I wrote that the Summit in Kabak would go down in history as a day when Trump ceased to hide that he was Putin's man. And the fourth marker - we all know for a long time that Eun is a puppet of Russia. That is, if you add this up to the compartment, then the meaning of the post will be clear.

Did today's post should look like this?

- "Putin ordered his agent Yun to meet with his man Trump and play a spectacular show about nothing in order to raise Trumpu's rating of geopolitical" victory "among the inexperienced politician in the politician, as well as to divert public opinion from the investigation of Mueller, who came very close to Trump and his immediate environment "?.

It seems to me - this is a great disrespect to your reader - so chew and so almost already semolina porridge ", - summed up Ponomarev.

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