Ponomar: Russia does its best on Zero

17 May 2018, 12:25 | Policy
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«About the current moment.

Russia is obviously wasting time. Russia is doing its best on Zero - the new president of Ukraine.

It is for this reason and only for this reason that we see a pause in the US-Russia and Merkel-McCron-Russia negotiations.

After all, a pause can not cause a substitute for Surkov for someone else. Since anyone who comes to the place of Surkov, will have exactly the same powers - just serve as the transmitter of the Kremlin.

The US does not want to wait until March and say to Russia - In this case, we are ready to introduce the 18th sanction package. Russia thinks (about itself) - If the 18th will be like the 16th or 17th, then, probably, we will survive it and hold out until March.

And there the new president of Ukraine himself will offer Russia and the US peace and chewing gum with Pepsi-Cola.

It's already the middle of May, and the deployment of peacekeepers needs about 8 months from the vote of the Resolution in the UN Security Council. Therefore, it is already clear today that Volcker's optimistic scenario of seeing peacekeepers this year is melting before our eyes.

There will be a historic moment, of course, in March - 2019.

The Wheel of History, however) ", - summarized the reviewer.

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