The ball is life-giving. Why Alexei Malobrodsky was released

16 May 2018, 01:22 | Policy
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Vasily Alexanyan died before his 40th birthday - in his home, released on bail of 50 million, and after being released in the courtroom "on non-rehabilitating grounds". Torture lasted for years. The detainee in the Khodorkovsky case of the vice-president of Yukos even before the arrest was diagnosed with AIDS in a serious stage, later to this disease were added lymphoma, liver cancer, prison tuberculosis. He went to freedom almost blinded. A brilliant lawyer with a Harvard diploma, he was the victim of a sadistic investigation - ruthless but deeply meaningful. From above came the order: torture to death, and the special delegation was executed with all due diligence. Even with overfulfilment of the plan, - writes Ilya Milstein in the column for "Snob. en ".

The case of Aleksanyan inevitably comes to mind when you learn the latest news from the life of the prisoner Alexei Malobrodsky. Another era, another plot, another criminal case - but the method of dealing with the person swallowed by the forensic investigation machine, directly affects the precious features of similarity. To the degree of complete nondiscrimination.

Aleksanyan was tortured and broke so that he would testify to the owner of a doomed company. Malobrodsky, according to the scenario, should specify Serebrennikov. Alexanian could not be broken - and then he, writhing with pain, was locked in the cell. Malobrodsky also does not agree to rivet the chief defendant. For this he was placed in a smoke-filled and overcrowded SIZO cell, leading up to a heart attack. Both of them were then transferred to the hospital, handcuffed to the bed. And for the intractable former CEO of the "Seventh Studio," the inventive workers of the walled department came up with yet another, special torment. Good investigators, imagine yourself, twice asked the court to release Malobrodsky for house arrest, but hard-hearted judges both times, listening to the prosecutor's arguments, left him in custody.

By the way, these were the same humanists from the UK, whom the political prisoner called a "gang of investigators" engaged in planting "total oprichnogo cannibalism". Offended at the impudent prisoner ("how he treats the investigation, and the investigation to him"), for nothing human is alien to them, they refused to meet him, and in the prison "Medved" was mocked, and in the end, playing in one contact with prosecutors and judges, puffed up the soul with the hope of a speedy release. It turned out for Aleksei Arkadievich with a heart attack and an intensive care ward, and at last people who decided the fate of the prisoner were inclined to think that while he was enough. Yesterday, after appearing in the hospital to Malobrodsky, the investigator unexpectedly informed him that he had been released on a recognizance not to leave the place.

In fact, this is the same sensation as the once-liberation from the custody of Vasily Aleksanyan. I just want to believe that this decision was dictated not by the circumstances that accompanied the life and death of the vice-president of YUKOS. Then, in December 2008, it was known that he was doomed, that's why he was allowed to die at large. This was undoubtedly a political decision, and the same thing we see in the history of Malobrodsky. It remains only to understand: what is the policy this time.

Public protests? The Supreme Authority, which is distributing tasks to its siloviki, does not care about these protests. And they did not sound so loud that our deaf-minded authorities could hear them. Said Vladimir Vladimirovich, responding to the request of the organizers of the Cannes Film Festival to contribute to the departure of Kirill Serebrennikov, that in Russia there are "independent courts", and this was an exhaustive answer. A completely wild situation that arose after two judicial verdicts during the prosecutor's discussions with Bastrykin's? It's probably warmer. All the same, the siloviki, obeying the will of their superiors, were too carried away by the sadistic experiments, and it turned out quite wrong. Overstrained, yes. The main reason for the fact that Malobrodsky suddenly became merciful to the leadership is seen in another.

Soon we have a big holiday - the World Cup. It is known that before such holidays in Russia there are different miracles that are unthinkable at another time. For example, they release Khodorkovsky, and with him Lebedev, and girls from Pussy Riot. This is such a sign: if the Olympics is expected or some kind of a mundial, then with a supreme power there is a mercy attack. Probably something similar is happening to her now, and it is even possible that after Malobrodsky somebody else will find out about changing his fate for the better. The same Serebrennikov, let's say. The court in fact in Russia is independent, and no Putin to him is not an edict.

Actually, this factor, the premonition of mundialya, can be explained literally all the events that accompany the sharp turn in Malobrodsky's case. Recently, more prosecutors demanded to leave him in the SIZO, because he, a person with dual citizenship and connections, you understand, in the embassies of the United States and Israel, could be dangerous for Russia and under house arrest. And then suddenly generous and generally released under the subscription. Recently, investigators unsuccessfully debated with prosecutors in our basmanny courts, and yesterday they opened their eyes: it turns out that they themselves can free a person without asking anyone! Of course, "taking into account the age, health status and other circumstances, as well as the fact that the process of gathering evidence in a criminal case is completed and, while being at liberty, the accused will not affect the outcome of the investigation in any way". That's what the life-giving ball does.

However, the fact that the World Cup, like every holiday, is a temporary phenomenon, should also not be forgotten. The championship will end, guests will leave, they will look around the owners - and return to their usual affairs, including criminal. There are also rumors that, after mundialya, the authorities will start spinning the nuts again, tearing off the thread. Well, after Sochi, when the steady rise from the knees began, accompanied by unprecedented foreign political victories and unthinkable successes in the construction of the besieged fortress along state borders.

And this means that for Malobrodsky and his accomplices is still scary, and the fate of Aleksanyan can not be forgotten, thinking about what is happening in the Russian detention centers and in the camps.

With people known for whom there is still someone to stand up for, and with those about whom we do not know anything, and no sports spectacles save them from lawless sentences, tortures, murders. However, there is an idea of ??this, because in high-profile processes the Russian daily life and the under-life of an entire country are reflected.

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