In Zhitomir, the soldier of the 95th Brigade of the All-Union Communist Party of Ukraine, 45-year-old Sergei Gorbach

15 May 2018, 17:36 | Policy
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He died on May 12 in the Lvov hospital. A few days before, during his stay in Slavyansk, Donetsk region, he had a stroke.

"Sergei always wanted to be a military man. But he could not get this profession. He worked as a builder. As soon as the war began, volunteered to join ", - told Gazeta. ua the wife of the fighter Ruslan Petrovna.

"For all the time in the ATU zone Sergei did not complain about anything. He did not even talk about health problems, "she added..

Say goodbye to Sergei Gorbach at the house, where he lived with his wife and daughter, 14-year-old Diana.

About 100 people came: twins, friends, acquaintances, neighbors and former classmates.

"Sergei was constantly smiling. Never seen him angry or irritated. In our company he had a call sign "Gnome". I got it because of my small height. But on his professional data this did not affect. Sergei was a brave fighter. The attack was always the first, "- shared a twin brother Alexander Rybak.

Sergei Gorbach is buried today at Smolyan military cemetery in Zhitomir.

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