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15 May 2018, 13:46 | Policy
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Black foreign policy swans flew to inauguration by flocks: the souls of 200 Wagneres sent by the Kremlin cook to squeeze out in the desert from the Barmaleev oil factory; the guards of the Islamic revolution on their way to meet with a pair of virgins, where they were sent by Israeli missiles; Trump and Si, who made serious progress in solving the Korean problem; rockets Javelin, delivered to Ukraine despite all the apocalyptic warnings of the director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, Dmitri Trenin; 24 crucified on the website of the Ministry of Finance of the US Kremlin boy in oligarchic panties; ungrateful Armenians who committed an impermissible peaceful revolution against their thieves in power, "writes Andrei Piontkovsky in a column on" Radio Liberty ".

It was impossible to ignore the cumulative catastrophe of Russian foreign policy, and many experts responded to it. The Kremlin's long-standing and consistent critic has most openly and harshly expressed, a short digest of his blog entry is given below.

Putin's foreign and domestic policies in recent years have led to the fact that the Russian state in the world is now treated like a mafia group, whose influence must be neutralized by all possible means. Of course, the first factor in terms of importance and time that formed such a situation is the policy towards Ukraine. The Kremlin does not want to admit that the annexation of the Crimea and the bloodshed in the Donbass are not achievements at all, but the sources of the most serious problems. Simultaneously, the situation in Syria, which for Russia is a trap in which it voluntarily climbed. The events of February 7 in the Deir-ez-Zor area in the east of Syria can be considered more than a clear warning. It can be assumed that the realization of the strategic impasse became one of the sources of inspiration for Putin's speech at the Manezh in March of this year. However, in the US the stories of the Russian president about supercorets are considered useful for them as a bluff.

The status of the state-mafia in the eyes of the West (and not only) will constantly and powerfully work against Russia. In 2015, invited to the military parade in Beijing, Putin showed whole columns of military equipment, painted in winter disguise. Where do you think the Chinese are going to fight in the snow with whom? The loss of international political subjectness by Russia, its qualification as a mafia state will lead to the fact that our country will be treated as a large potential draw territory rich in natural resources.

Mainstream people, bound by their position in power and okolovlast structures, but not completely indifferent to the fate of their country, expressed, in essence, the same assessment of the country's position in the world, but in the expressions of much more rounded and sparing the pride of their superiors. Their task was tactfully to persuade the authorities to probe the negotiations with the US on de-escalating tension, and perhaps even partial lifting of sanctions. The idea was a success, and preliminary work in the field was entrusted to professionals with a wide circle of good acquaintances and even close friends in Washington. One of them outlined, not without literary elegance, the initial position of the Russian side:.

Dear John!.

I write to you with sadness, which you probably share. Relations between Russia and the United States continue to deteriorate day by day. The next desperate attempts to reverse the negative trend in our relations turned out to be fruitless. Clearly, we all face even harder times. Maybe - for a very long time.

It looks like your pressure on Moscow will only increase on a broad front or even simultaneously on several fronts - economic, political, military-technical, information. I do not want to start a dispute about how we got to this life and which side is more to blame for. At me to you, if you will allow, another, more actual question.

John, but what do you think this all should end with in the end? As far as I can judge from Moscow, no tactical concessions to the Kremlin will be saved by the situation and the general vector of US policy will not change. Strategic direction is chosen seriously and for a long time. Last year's law on sanctions - clear and unambiguous signal. John, tell me honestly, would you undertake to assess the regional and global risks associated with the regime change in Moscow? Including the risks directly to American security and American interests? Do you think that Washington will not pay too high a price for trying to isolate Moscow?.

What is happening to us all, John? When did we lose the capacity for strategic thinking? The ethics of responsibility, according to Weber, presupposes a readiness to prevent more evils, including through the evil of a smaller one.

Virtuously recruiting with sadness. No crude nuclear blackmail - so, with light smears: risks, high price, we are less evil in Weber, whom we are with you, John, people of the same blood, both read in a distant youth ... The only blot and obvious stretch in the almost impeccable text is his headline: "What do you want, John?" The sharp escalation of confrontation, beginning in 2014, is not due to what John wants, but just what he does not just want, but persistently solicits the Kremlin.. Officially, this is called the New World Order (a subconscious Freudian allusion to the Hitler New Order). In the Kremlin, even the film was shot, its little "Triumph of Will". And in practical terms, the coveted "World Order-2018" is primarily in the "New Yalta".

One well-known slave practitioner on the galleys called the collapse of the Soviet Union the largest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century. In my opinion, this disintegration has caused first of all the largest psychiatric catastrophe in the minds of people who modestly call themselves the Russian political elite. If there is today some one super-eater uniting the characters, hurt by the catastrophe, this is their "domination in the post-Soviet space"; recognition of it as "a zone of our privileged interests"; overcoming the "humiliation of the 90's"; restoration in a new quality of the Ordynian-Russian-Soviet empire.

But what today's Russian "elite" can offer its former neighbors in a communal apartment? Nothing but grandiose talk about his greatness, his historical imperial mission, about the sacred Chersonesos. But this delirium is not interesting to anyone. The thievish and mediocrity, swaggering and cowardly, rushing between Courchevel and Lefortovo, the Russian political "elite" can not understand in any way that it is of no use to anyone in the post-Soviet space as a teacher of life and a center of attraction. But to admit to itself in it the state-mafia can not. All its chronic and logical setbacks in the post-Soviet space, it explains by the fact that the "American is foul", and manically again and again requires expensive John to conclude with him "New Yalta".

John himself would have spat and concluded. Said the same road Barak in an interview with Atlantic about the following: "The Russians want to rape Ukraine much more than we want to protect it, and there's nothing we can do about it". But they are organically incapable of understanding in the Kremlin that the problem of their geophysical wants is not in the Americans, but that none of Russia's neighbors will ever go submissively to their "Yalta". That's why Russian aggression in Ukraine was drowned, that's why Ukraine has gone forever. And all the post-Soviet space has gone forever.

The inability of narcissistic "elite" in their fantasies is not formally on paper, but internally psychologically perceive seriously the independence of "brotherly" countries, its amazing deafness to the possible reaction of neighbors, spiritual laziness and imperial arrogance, which do not allow to try to look at themselves through their eyes - all these the quality of the leaders of the Russian kleptocracy naturally generate a cycle of alienation and hostility in the post-Soviet space. Today's threats by Leontyev and Yuryev flooded Armenia with blood - the "six" sounding of the imperial minds of the owners of the Mafia state, who are not yet ready for personal reasons for tactical reasons.

The insane concept of the "Russian world" and the disgracefully failed attempt at its practical implementation in Ukraine became the apotheosis of the quarter-century orgy of "humiliation". The patient finally gave an answer to the question of those who had long been concerned about his inadequate behavior about the nature of his humiliation.

A Russian man, it turns out, is humiliated when he can not trample and dismember his neighbors, former brethren in the construction of the Platonic Pit. Keen on this process, he no longer notices that he tramples and dismemberes first of all his own state and its historical perspective. That's what's happening to us, dear John.

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