Political scientist: Putin and Trump are competing, who will inflict more blows on the world system

15 May 2018, 10:05 | Policy
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"Yuri Romanenko at his FB reported that the US is ready to provide Pyongyang with security guarantees in exchange for concluding an agreement on nuclear disarmament of North Korea. Maybe he hurried with this information, but the topic is very relevant and symbolic.

We do understand that after the international betrayal of the leading western countries of Ukraine in 2014, the failure of the Budapest Memorandum, there is no mechanism of international guarantees in the world. Now in world politics, no one trusts anyone, and, moreover, nothing can guarantee. Neither the UN, nor the US Congress, nor the European Parliament, nor the "Eurovision" or UNESCO.

Negotiations can and must be waged, even a truce is possible everywhere, but not secret geopolitical deals of the US, Russia or China at the expense of the interests of other countries, and even more so, public international treaties are not possible, because the institution of their guarantees does not work.

Since 2014, the collapse of the international order, initiated by Russian President Putin, has begun, and now US President Trump. They both compete, who will inflict more blows on the world system. The rest of the countries only have to acknowledge the further disintegration and degradation of traditional international institutions of cooperation and world order. Now is the time to "scatter stones," and not to collect them, "- concluded Nebozhenko.

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