"This will be the end". Western political scientist told how to surely remove Putin from the Kremlin

02 January 2018, 22:22 | Policy
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The West has only one action to destroy the current Russian regime, and the president of the country-aggressor of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, is a bandit. This in an interview with Apostrophe said French political scientist and journalist who lives and works in Kiev, Olivier Vedrine.

"If we want to weaken Putin, we need to do only one thing - turn off (Russia, - ed.. ) SWIFT. If we do this, in two or three days Russia will be economically destroyed, and Putin will not be president, because people around Putin do not want to lose their money. And their families in the US, Europe, their money - in European and American banks. This will be the end of Putin, "the expert said..

Answering the question whether there are prospects for the peace process in Ukraine in 2018, the expert said: "With all the components and figures that are now, there is no. Because no one understands how to negotiate with Putin. The EU is too weak, and France and Germany do not understand Putin. They deal with a bandit, with a Soviet man, for whom there is only a winner and a loser. He wants to be the winner, and the loser, in his opinion, must lose everything. Therefore, it is impossible to agree with Putin - one can only be stronger than him ".

According to him, Putin will continue to hinder Ukraine.

"Because he does not want Ukraine to be successful, he can not allow it. So nothing will change. If tomorrow the Ukrainian earns more than a Russian, if Ukraine is a happy state, propaganda in Russia will not be effective, and Putin will be forced to confront a revolution or something like that. Putin's goal is to destroy, punish Ukraine, "Vedrin stressed..

At the same time, he added that he can not predict Putin's actions.

"We can not predict what he will do. Because this is the problem of the ego, megalomaniac. Therefore, everything is possible, and we need to beware. Because this person wants to be an outstanding person in Russian history. Before the election, he will find, if he can, some victory in the international arena, because he did it before. As work is done in Syria, we need to take care of Ukraine, "Vedrin.

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