Russian political scientist named two levers of Ukraine for pressure on the Kremlin

13 September 2017, 16:06 | Policy
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The well-known Russian publicist and political scientist Andrei Piontkovsky believes that Ukraine should take a principled position that Russia is an aggressor and that a military option for the return of the occupied territories is impossible. This point of view, he expressed in an interview with "Apostrophe". "First of all, there must be a principled political position expressed by the same law that is now in the Parliament," says Piontkovsky. At the same time, he points out that while Russia is seizing Ukrainian cities, economic ties with it have not been broken yet, and Russian propagandists are quietly in Kiev. "If Kiev wants the West to put pressure on sanctions, then Ukraine should have no less severe sanctions against the Kremlin, Putin. The American Congress adopted a remarkable law, Volcker's same position - and today it is more rigid than the official position of the Ukrainian leadership, "the political scientist believes.. He notes that now the West understands the game of Russian President Vladimir Putin better, so it will not put much pressure on Kiev. "There are two important things - the principled position that Russia is an aggressor, Russia is at war, Russia has occupied the territory. This is the first. The second position - that Ukraine by force can not return the territory. This is the war, the death of tens of thousands of people. But Ukraine will never tolerate this. Territories will return when the regime changes in Russia. Sooner or later, "notes Piontkovsky.

He believes that Russia will continue to arrange provocations, since this is part of the hybrid war. At the same time, the political scientist says, Ukraine should not forget about its internal enemies. "I can not understand why Ukraine's worst enemy, Agent Putin Medvedchuk, is considered to be a statesman, participates in negotiations and so on. There are a lot of questions. It will be clear to me that Ukraine has understood with whom it is dealing, that it is at war, on the day when Medvedchuk will be arrested, "said the political scientist..

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