German tanks will quickly reach Moscow. Voenekspert told how the West will stop Russia

19 May 2017, 13:16 | Policy
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German tanks will quickly reach Moscow in case Russia decides on military aggression against the Baltic states. The armies of the NATO countries led by the United States will strike a devastating blow to the Russian Federation.

Such an opinion on the air "The Observer. LIVE "was voiced by military expert Oleg Zhdanov.

According to him, the Far Eastern region of the Russian Federation is already controlled by the United States: "There is an aircraft carrier and destroyers with" Tomahawks ". Also Zhdanov recalled that America dealt a powerful blow in Afghanistan at the largest training center for militants, where the Russian Federation supplied ammunition and food.

"In Syria there was an indicative performance of Tomahawk missiles. There was not a military strike, but exclusively political. Russia was warned and allowed to leave Russian aircraft safely, "said the expert..

He stressed that in the Baltic region for the Kremlin there was a disappointing situation. "There is a grouping of the Baltic states, in Poland, an increase in the contingent. I'm not talking about missile defense systems in Poland and Romania. Now on the way (the NATO fleet), including US destroyers with Tomahawks on board, "explained Zhdanov.

"Now from the Baltic measure 2500 km - Moscow falls into the zone of defeat. Plus, the strike aviation wing in the Baltic countries from the army aviation brigade - helicopter fire support, "- said the guest studio.

Also, French aircraft carriers of the Mirage class also attacked the raid, he said..

"And this is an air strike. One refueling is one flight to Moscow and back, "Zhdanov said..

"Well, the tank brigade of the Bundeswehr. Previously there were "Tigers" and "Panthers", and now "Leopards". But the crosses on the towers remained the same. Hypothetically, if we admit a confrontation on the part of the Russian Federation against the Baltic countries, then the "Leopards" with these same crosses will reach Moscow this time, "added the military expert.

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