Head of German Intelligence: "The Russian threat has become more relevant"

20 March 2017, 22:53 | Policy
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Head of the Federal Intelligence Service of Germany (BND) Bruno Cal said in an interview with Der Spiegel magazine that recently the Russian threat has become more relevant.

Answering the question of the publication, which poses a great threat to Germany - the "Islamic state" * or Russia, Kahl stated: "I believe that terrorism takes the top line in the list of threats. Among the population, fears about this are greatest. ) But the Russian threat has become more relevant. Therefore, we take it very seriously. This is not only a propaganda threat, it is also the return to the agenda of the entire topic of conventional weapons ".

"More specifically: by this I mean everything that happens in the military sphere and armament," Kal continued.. - In particular, Russia has doubled its combat power on the western border, and it's not only Iskander complexes,. A large number of aviation and flying vehicles are concentrated in the Crimean region ". "The same can be said about conventional weapons. All this can not be regarded as a defense from the West - in this we must also see a potential threat, "- said the head of BND. "The tank army is in the west of Russia, and during the exercises called" West ", when it enters the territory of Belarus, I'm wondering whether this can be justified only by defensive considerations," added Kal.

Kal also warned of Russia's attempts to intervene in the upcoming elections in Germany, following the example of the United States. "We need to proceed from the fact that this can happen," said the scout:

"in the past we have already seen similar things not only in Germany, but also in other regions of Europe where elections are held. Putin's goal remains unchanged: despite the changes in the US and Breckzit, the German government continues its sanctions policy towards Russia, and Putin would happily stop this situation. It is logical for him to invest something in making the elections to the Bundestag lead to changes. This can become a motive ".

Source: inopressa.

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