Radicals from C14 beat a lawyer in the courtroom of Kiev

08 August 2018, 14:31 | Kiev
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Yesterday, on August 7, at the Court of Appeal of Kiev, radicals from organization C14 attacked the lawyer Oleg Povalyaev. This was reported by the press service of the National Bar Association of Ukraine.

It is reported that Povalyaev participated in the court session, which also had several people with the symbols of one of the right-wing radical organizations. Those behaved frankly provocatively, showing complete disdain for the participants in the trial and tried to disrupt the court session. The lawyer made a remark to them, and then was beaten.

After the announcement of the break in the court session, the lawyer at the exit from the courtroom collided with a group of about 30 people. They, shouting insults and foul language, began to threaten him with physical violence in connection with the fact that the lawyer in their opinion, protects not the one who "should".

It is noted that after the lawyer's comments on the inadmissibility of provocative behavior in court, two of them grabbed a lawyer, and the third hit him in the face.

On the part of the police, who was present at the events, there was no reaction. In fact, as the Association writes, law enforcement officers have tolerated connivance of the radicals in committing a crime.

"We see another precedent, when unknown persons in a" way "understandable to them indicate to a lawyer who has the right to legal assistance and who is not. Although the Constitution gives such a right to everyone, it is obvious that the members of this organization do not know about the prescriptions of the Basic Law, and the police, although they know, do not care about violations of the professional rights of lawyers and the constitutional rights of citizens, "said Anna Boryak,.

On this fact, Povalyaev filed a report on a criminal offense. He undergoes a medical examination to determine the severity of injury.

This will be the subject of consideration at the next meeting of the Committee for the Protection of Lawyers of NAAU, scheduled for August 10, 2018.

On the eve of the Court of Appeals of Kiev softened the measure of restraint for the coordinator of C14 Sergei Mazur.

Earlier it was reported that the leader of the C14 Evgeny Karas hit the journalist Gromadsky Igor Burdyga near the building of the Goloseevsky District Court of Kiev.

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