How can I learn this English after all?

13 February 2018, 11:15 | Kiev
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Have you ever had this: how many times would you not sit down for English on your own, with a tutor, in an application or online courses - does not help? In my head is still a terrible past perfect perfection and words fly out of my head? At all happens, and furthermore, at our rhythm of a life - the house-work-work-work.

The English school ALOHA Language School took care of everyone to speak quickly, beautifully and in English!.

What is unique?.

- teach by the author's methodology DAPA - there are no analogues in Ukraine. What's wrong with this technique?.

the system is based on the principles of the science of effective adult education (with children - simpler), the methodology allows you to learn how to speak beautifully, quickly, emotionally and expand topics for discussion (and not just London from the capital), the duration of the course is 9 weeks (this is 3 degrees) !! Already after 1 degree - you get a base of spoken English without a hitch (is not it happiness?) How does DAPA work?.

Decoding - the students of the course are trained to observe patterns and acquire knowledge independently.

Active repetition - course students learn the nonverbal part of the language and the basics of phonetics.

Passive listening - the students of the course are taught the ability to understand the context of live English speech.

Activation - fixing the acquired knowledge and skills in practical exercises with carriers.

This system works like a clock thanks to Algirdas Karalus. He is the author of the DAPA methodology, and besides that he is a well-known teacher with 25 years experience, the expert number 1 in Europe for rapid learning.

Look at the photo gallery: How to learn this English after all Why do you need it, if you are a top manager, manager or owner of a company?.

Result. The methodology has been tested and confirmed by students who have mastered free English for business, work and life.

Just the right information. The program is tailored to the needs of executives and business owners.

Practical skills. More than 90% of the time students devote to communicating with each other and with the coach. No piles of paper.

Usefull acquaintances. Almost all students of ALOHA Pro held executives and businessmen.

Bonus. You can expand the geography of your brand, easily enter international markets, explain the advantages of your product in person, without an interpreter (and not only with the phrase "May flavers from brutiful"). English is not just for you to get acquainted on social gatherings and add friends to facebook.

When. Where. how many.

Classes are held 6 times a week for 3 hours a day.

Classes in a wonderful school in the center of Kiev.

The cost of the courses depends on the degree chosen. At the same time, if within 5 days the student for any reason refuses to study, the funds paid are returned in 100% of the amount.

And finally.

With language, as with sports: until you find your coach - nothing works, as it should. ALOHA Language School has its own impeccable system. You should try not to start every Monday running to learn English.

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