Russian invaders sell positions of their army to foreign special services. INTERCEPT

05 July 2022, 06:20 | Ukraine
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Russian occupiers sell information to foreign intelligence about the location of Russian troops at the front in Ukraine. And such cases are not isolated, according to the conversation of a soldier of the Russian army on the phone, which was intercepted by Ukrainian intelligence..

A Russian soldier fighting in Ukraine talks to a girl on the phone about the daily shelling that his unit falls under. According to him, in three weeks there has not yet been a day that “didn’t fly” into their square. The girl spoke about treason - the military transmits information about the location of certain units to foreign intelligence officers.

“31 brigade surrendered. Not all, but some company. 76 people brought recently. Passed it anyway. Colonel Matkovsky. Later I talked with the FSB officer Samarsky, my friend.

He says yes. All this is true. They found 17 million in his account,” she said..

To which the Russian occupier replied that he knew about this case and this is not uncommon in their army.

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Recall that the Russian military in another conversation intercepted by intelligence with his mother said that in his unit many military men want to quit the army and even organize a kind of rebellion and refuse to follow orders.

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