Ukrainian partisans turn the life of the occupiers of the Kherson region into a horror film

02 July 2022, 16:41 | Ukraine
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Ukrainian partisans provide total resistance to the invaders of the Kherson region and their minions, the leadership of the invaders is forced to wear bulletproof vests and move in armored vehicles with guards, reports the National Resistance Center.

“According to our information, the Russian invaders and collaborators are afraid of the growing resistance of the local population in the Kherson region.

Most traitors do not appear in public, but move around exclusively surrounded by Russian bodyguards..

Invaders and collaborators who managed to survive the attempts on their lives prefer to be treated in Russian-occupied Crimea, as they do not trust local doctors.

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CIA Deputy Director Avril Haynes told a conference in Washington on Wednesday that the Kremlin is " This is confirmed by three attempts to assassinate pro-Russian officials in the past two weeks, writes CNN..

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