In Chaplinka, invaders conduct mass searches and take out crops - intelligence

02 July 2022, 16:19 | Ukraine
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In the temporarily occupied Chaplinka, Kherson region, Russian invaders continue to put pressure on local residents. Since June 29, all private garages have been searched in the village, according to the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine..

" Searches are carried out in great detail - up to digging the soil in the basements in search of hiding places. In the premises of the former communal pharmacy, the invaders organized the work of their own private pharmacy. Medicines are imported from the occupied Crimea. An “own man” was put in charge of the work, who exercises control and takes cash at the end of the working day,” the Ukrainian military intelligence said in a statement..

The entire crop from the settlement is exported by grain trucks in the direction of the Crimea. At the same time, the final export of last year's grain is carried out..

Three assassination attempts on pro-Russian officials in the past two weeks signal the rise of a resistance movement against Russian authorities who have occupied parts of southern Ukraine. CIA Deputy Director Avril Gaines said during a conference in Washington on Wednesday that the Kremlin is "

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Recall that earlier the military revealed the details of the occupation in the Kherson region with the kidnapping and preparation of a "

And the Center for National Resistance recently developed a guide on civil resistance in the occupied territories.

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