Invaders continue to destroy Lisichansk and kill civilians - Gaidai

28 June 2022, 10:21 | Ukraine
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Russian invaders are storming Lisichansk from the south and south-west, and are also trying to seize transport links with the Donetsk region, said the head of the Lugansk Police Department Serhiy Gaidai. He also added that as a result of yesterday's shelling of Lisichansk, eight people were killed, another 21 civilians were injured..

“The Russians fired on Lisichan who were gathering drinking water - eight people were killed, significant destruction in the city. At approximately 15:00, the Russian army opened fire with multiple launch rocket systems at a gathering of local residents who had come out to replenish their drinking water supplies.. As a result, eight people died on the spot, including one child.. 21 more injured. Injuries of varying severity. People were hospitalized in a hospital in Kramatorsk,” said Gaidai.

The head of the Lugansk regional police department said that many of the wounded had to have their limbs amputated. Russian occupiers fired cluster shells from Uragan MLRS.

Gaidai also added that it became known about two more dead residents of Lisichansk. One of the women died in the Kramatorsk hospital, where she got two days ago. Another woman was found in Lisichansk, she had no signs of life.

" Fighting continues between Volcheyarovka and the oil refinery. They are trying to block the city from this side and seize transport links with Donbass. At the same time, the Russian army continues to destroy the city,” said the chairman of the UVA.

In particular, the Russian killers purposefully fired at three pumping stations, one of which is located in Novodruzhesk.. In addition, the occupiers destroyed two bridges, a car tunnel connecting separate parts of Lisichansk. At the same time, the Russian invaders hit a likely crowd of people - they fired at the territory of the market.

“There is a total destruction of the inhabitants of the Lugansk region by the Russians. There are a lot of damages to high-rise buildings and private estates on June 27. Separate areas of the city were shelled several times. If possible, houses are examined for the presence of victims,” added the head of the Luhansk Regional Police Department.

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As reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian occupation troops are trying to cordon off the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Lisichansk and for this they want to capture the Bakhmut-Lysichansk highway. At the same time, in the Lysychansk direction, in order to inflict damage, the occupiers use not only mortars and cannon artillery, but also inflict air strikes in the areas of the settlements of Nikolaevka and Yakovlevka.

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