Several explosions sounded in Kyiv - rules that save lives during rocket attacks and bombing

26 June 2022, 10:26 | Ukraine
photo Зеркало недели
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This morning in Kyiv began with an air raid alert, which was announced at about six o'clock, and a series of explosions. A black column of smoke is visible above the city. In addition to a number of witnesses on the ground, Mayor Vitali Klitschko has already commented on the situation..

Meanwhile at night around 3. 30 an air raid signal was heard in the Kiev region. Then the Ukrainian air defense went off, most of the explosions at night were explained by the work of our air defense.

Recall, according to the Ukrainian Air Force command, only yesterday the Russian Federation used Kalibr sea-based missiles against targets in western Ukraine, Kh-22 and ground-based Iskander and Tochka-U missiles against targets in northern Ukraine, and. The total number of missiles fired yesterday is about fifty.

Recall that earlier the regional state administration developed the basic rules during missile strikes and bombing:.

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At least 2 walls should separate you from danger, because one will probably collapse from impact, and the second will take over the fragments of the wall, window glass, etc.. Therefore, it is safe to hide in a place located behind another supporting wall from the facade. Usually this is a vestibule, corridor or hallway. Even if you feel like the house is unstable, there is no basement, and there is no space in the storage, stay close to the supporting walls - they will hold.

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You must clearly know that there are at least 2 exits for shelter.

Therefore, a basement or garage with one exit is a trap.. The only exit can be filled with rubble at home or in case of fire it can be blocked. However, modern underground parking lots and basements are mostly designed safely.. In addition to several exits, they are equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishing systems..

Recall that recently the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down an Orlan-10 drone, which was reconnoitering the consequences of Russian missile strikes..

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