In Kherson, the invaders broke the spine of a 70-year-old woman for refusing to hand over her Ukrainian passport

26 June 2022, 09:30 | Ukraine
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At a checkpoint in temporarily occupied Kherson, 70-year-old journalist and volunteer Tatyana Antonyuk refused to give up her Ukrainian passport. For this, the Russians brutally beat an elderly woman, breaking her spine.. This was reported on the Facebook page of the First Medical Association of Lviv..

According to doctors, the woman was barely able to crawl to the car and escape from the checkpoint.. By evacuation train Tatyana Antonyuk got to Lviv, where she was hospitalized in the medical and diagnostic center of St. Luke.

“The examination showed a fracture of the spine and severe bruises of the head.. The woman partially lost her hearing and could not move without assistance.. In order for Tatyana to walk, our neurosurgeons had to insert a special bone element into the broken part of the spine,” the doctors said..

It is reported that until May the woman categorically refused to leave the occupied Kherson. But after numerous persuasion, the man who serves in the Armed Forces decided to leave.

On the way, she came across a Russian military checkpoint, where they beat her for refusing to hand over her Ukrainian passport..

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Now Tatyana Antonyuk, according to doctors, is recovering, she feels cheerful and is going to soon return to volunteer activities, which she was engaged in before the injury..

Recall that in the occupied territories of the Ukrainian south, the terror of the Russian invaders against the civilian population, including in Crimea, is intensifying..

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