Don't hope that Moscow's offensive potential will run out soon - Budanov

26 June 2022, 07:54 | Ukraine
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One should not hope that Moscow's offensive potential will run out soon, the head of Ukraine's military intelligence, Kirill Budanov, said on Saturday, answering questions from a Reuters correspondent, Voice of America reports..

According to Budanov, Ukraine can achieve victory over Russia only with the help of military force.. Russia conducts secret mobilization of reservists to replenish its army in order to capture the east of Ukraine.

“The strategy is very simple: stabilize the situation, get the necessary amount of equipment and prepare the necessary amount of forces and means to launch a counteroffensive to take back all of our territory,” he said..

“We should not wait for a miracle that they (the Russians) will get tired and stop wanting to fight and so on.. We will recapture our territory as a result of our counteroffensive,” Budanov stressed..

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He also noted that Russia deployed in Ukraine a total of 330,000. military personnel, which is one third of its armed forces, and added that this figure includes non-combat personnel, such as logistics personnel.

“The main share of this number is the warhead, and this is more than 50% of what is in Russia at the moment,” he said..

Budanov said he was comfortable with the possibility that Russia would end up openly mobilizing as President Vladimir Putin would then have to face uncomfortable questions at home..

“They are really afraid of this: this is the main reason why the mobilization takes place covertly, in particular with the use of [reservists],” he said.. - In the military units that took part in the events of February 24, today, in most cases, the personnel have already changed two or even three times.

These are poorly trained fighters who lack years of training.”.

The Russian army will soon exhaust its combat capabilities and will be forced to stop its offensive in the Donbass. “The time will come when Russia’s tiny achievements will become unacceptable in terms of their price.. And she will have to take a long pause to restore opportunities, ”the Washington Post quoted an unnamed Western official, who commented on the situation on condition of anonymity..

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