Ukrainian troops retreated to more fortified positions from Severodonetsk

25 June 2022, 21:06 | Ukraine
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The Ukrainian army retreated from Severodonetsk to positions more prepared for defense, said the head of the military-civilian administration of the city Oleksandr Stryuk.

Now local residents can only leave Severodonetsk towards the occupied territory. He stated that the Ukrainian authorities would help to ensure that people, if possible, could get to the controlled territory, but now this cannot be done..

" They're trying to make their own arrangements.. As far as I know, they appointed some kind of "

The head of the VGA said that the civilians who were at the Azot enterprise are already partially leaving its territory. They were there in hiding for almost three months.. They need psychological help, but the Russians, taking advantage of the state of people, began to shoot propaganda videos, Stryuk said..

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He does not rule out that the occupiers in Severodonetsk may soon begin forced passportization. According to the head of the CAA, it is now impossible to transfer humanitarian aid to local residents. Before the occupation, Severodonetsk prepared a minimum supply of medicine for emergencies and first aid.

Earlier it was reported that Russian troops were trying to evacuate the wounded from the Kherson region. Russian troops are frightened by the loss of leadership and rank and file.

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