Liberated Taira spoke about the conditions of being in captivity: informational isolation, conditions reminiscent of a concentra

21 June 2022, 09:11 | Ukraine
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Recently released from Russian captivity, paramedic Yulia Paevskaya with the call sign " Information isolation, as the volunteer admits, has a great impact on morale, sowing a sense of hopelessness. The woman posted the corresponding post on her Facebook page..

“When you are there, it seems that there is no hope, and Ukraine no longer exists as a state. It is necessary to ensure that all prisoners are protected by an international convention on human rights, because when we are there, we have absolutely no rights as slaves. They don’t give us any packages, we don’t have any information about the family, medical assistance is not available,” says Taira.

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After her release, she lost a lot of weight, weighing about 50 kilograms..

But she clarified that the best doctors are now taking care of her and she plans to return to duty soon..

At the same time, she called the conditions of detention reminiscent of a concentration camp: “And I would not be very surprised if I once found myself in a gas wagon. And I'm not kidding, unfortunately. And this is only a small percentage of what is happening in the stone bags behind the collision line..

Recall that Tyra previously recorded a video message after.

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