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12 July 2018, 16:57 | Ukraine
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The editorial board of the Obkom received an invitation to today's presentation of the book of the vice-premier for "humanitarian" Vyacheslav Kirilenko - "vice premier without culture," as we call it. Recall: from the end of 2014 g. Slava combined the post of deputy prime minister with the post of minister of culture, and in the spring of 2016 lost the minister's "portfolio" and remained simply a vice-premier.

Having freed himself from part-time work, Glory engaged in what a real man should do: he raised children, cost a castle the size of a rural House of Culture, planted a tree estate, defended his thesis of his wife (in the sense - protected from rancor who caught Katya in plagiarism, stylistic delirium and pseudoscientific content, cm. It's not a "professional" one: academic caps are torn from not the very last heads of the country) ... The result of this turbulent activity was a book that included whole "three conversations". It would seem, a trifle, not PSS (complete works). With regard to the writer's case, Kirilenko is not a complete SR, but simply SR (a collection of conversations).

However, if someone thought that it was talk about what wallpaper to paste on the walls of the castle from the outside, or deciphering conversations with his wife Katya on the topic of "nailing the parquet with ordinary, rusting nails or, well, his nafig - it's easier to order gold" - that stupidly mistaken! The Book of Glory is not about that, of course.. Buyer-book lovers just look at her cover to make a decision: to open it or not better.

No, who argues with the Patriarch is always interesting and useful to talk, confess, it's time to think about the soul.

With the author of the "Black Crow" Shklyar, he too: from the '90s, for example, "expressed the thought" that "Crimea has never historically been a Ukrainian territory, and if the nation is sick and can not digest, master this territory, then from it better to get rid of. It's all the same when a person has gangrene legs, and so that the whole body does not get sick - it's just cut off ".

Vasil's appeal, as you know, was heard - and "polite" military surgeons in green gowns dug out this infected "leg", chik - and it's ready.

Now Vasil Shklyar expresses even deeper thoughts: "Bud-yak rosіyskomovne sredovischne - the springboard of the" Russian world ". Mi mozhemo talk about patriotiv rosіyskomnovnyh, yakі stand on the front. Alya in the tzomu tezh nemyo nichogo wondrous. To whom did not he curse the tariffs, in which he lived more abruptly, nizh ukrainovymnim?. "Such is the" trench truth ", as Soviet literary scholars used to say ... If you bring the" thought "of Shklyar to logical depth, you will rest on the very bottom: why should we grieve for the Russian-speaking heroes of Ukraine who died in Donbas? - they are also better in the next world than the chatterboxes here in the sinful rear.

In the invitation that we received today, in particular, it is written that the book contains a dialogue of Glory "with a writer Vasil Shklyar about flushing yogo books on the form of suspilnyh moods that creations of the new archetypes of the Ukrainian Hero". This can be intriguing.

But what can we talk about with Veresn (Sytnik)? !! We hear his unforgettable voice for decades without a record of Glory either on the radio, on the air, or during the election of the "Winter Generation" ... How long can you listen to this bearer of the "velvet", full timbre, for years, grinding down the truisms a kind of obozhravshegsya - to resent the whole world - a cat?.

Let's summarize. In our opinion, Vyacheslav Kirilenko would have been worth publishing these "Three Conversations" in three separate volumes. Here we would in the editorial library bought the volume of "Filaret", another would have one "Filaret" - home (or in return for a gift). Someone else would have bought "Shklyar" - and "Veresnya" would not have been bought by anyone. This format is convenient for readers, and not so expensive.

And for today's evening presentation, where we were so kindly invited by the press service of Deputy Prime Minister Kirilenko, we will not go. Let other, more restrained colleagues ask him about the squaring of the house, the perimeter of the fence, the height of the ceilings and the depth of the basement and the pool; how many salaries go to the "communal"?.

And we are afraid that we can easily and immediately switch to three-story "imperial matyuki" ((with) Alexander Krivenko) - and this is not as cultured as it seems, albeit interesting, of course.

"KOLI: 12 lipnja 2018 rock, the cob about 18. 00.

DE: місто Київ, «Книганя Є» на вулиці Лисенка, 3.

PARTICIPANTS: Патріарх усієї Руси-України Філарет, письменник Vasil Shklyar, TV presenter Mykola Veresen та політик В'ячеслав Кириленко ». Come. Become a witness or even an accomplice in the 4th conversation.

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