Weekdays of the new Metalist: a budget of 15 million and a new sponsor

19 May 2017, 05:50 | Ukraine
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The second professional football club officially appeared in Kharkiv. To "Helios", which represents the First League of the Ukrainian Championship, was joined by "Metalist 1925". The last while though and act on an amateur level, but increase in a class for them is a matter of time. The fatal decision was made at the general meeting of the now former Avangard Kharkov LLC, which is now called OOO Metallist Football Club 1925,. It was under his wing and there was a new yellow-blue team. As explained in the press service of the club, such changes were made so that FC could participate in a professional football league. At the same time, the founders prepared the charter of the new club, which in the near future will be sent to the Football Federation of Ukraine. If everything goes without excesses, the new "Metal" will receive a license and be able to participate in the next season in the third strength of the country's division - Second League. However, there is one more condition - in the amateur championship "yellow-blue" should take place no lower than the fourth, but the chances to fall out of the quartet are close to zero. Now the team is in the lead in the standings, and he has to spend five more matches.

CHANGE OF IMAGE. In the leadership of the club they promise that the next season Kharkovites will start in a new form. So far, the players have played in T-shirts, in which FC Metalist Miron Markevich still won silver medals in the ULL, but in the near future the "yellow-blue" will have exclusive equipment. "A contract will be signed with the new technical sponsor of the club - one of the famous sports brands. The broad public will soon find out about this in the near future. Now we can say that in the summer the team will acquire a completely new face and will be dressed with a needle, and the form itself will be on sale in the club store "Metalist 1925", - the press service of the club said.. "Today" also became aware that the changes will be in the club emblem, but the letter "M" will remain. Also, according to our information, the club does not exclude that in the long run it is still being transformed into the FC Metalist, more familiar to Ukrainians,. But if the leaders go to such a step, they should be ready to pay off the millions of debts of the legendary "Metal" that accumulated during the management of the disgraced businessman Sergei Kurchenko. To date, this can not be a question, since the current budget of the club is about 8 million USD per year, and in the Second League it should increase to 15 million. FAUNA. "Metalist 1925" moves along the originally chosen path, focusing on the example of "Barcelona" and other well-known European clubs, where important decisions are made taking into account the opinion of the fans. Just over 300 people are registered in the "Yellow-Blue" Fan Club.

Fans of "Metal" confirm: in the leadership there really are representatives of the fan movement who actively participate in the life of the club. "In fact, to build in Kharkov its" Barcelona "- it would be an ideal option. Such attempts have been made before - everyone remembers the story of the "people's team" that Alexander Feldman tried to do from the "Metalist" in the early 2000s. Everything ended up with the fact that this project turned out to be a "soap bubble". In Spain, a completely different approach works, they have fans - these are the shareholders of the club, its owners, they have the corresponding cards that are inherited.

Of course, if in Kharkov there were 500 thousand fans and each would contribute 10 dollars, we would have "Barcelona", - says the representative of the fan movement, Yaroslav Marchenko. According to him, it is not so important what name the Kharkov football club will wear, the main thing is that the club owned by Kharkov. We will add that the next match "Metalist 1925" will be held in Zaporozhye region, where he will play against "Tavria-Skif".

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