In the occupied Crimea the trial of the Ukrainian journalist Semyon began

21 March 2017, 01:02 | Ukraine
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In the annexed Crimea on Monday, March 20, the court began considering the merits of the criminal case against journalist "Radio Liberty" Nikolai Semyon, whom the occupation authorities accused of extremism and calls for violating the territorial integrity of Russia.

Before the meeting in the Railway Court of occupied Simferopol, the journalist stated that he did not admit guilty himself.

"The status of the Crimea is controversial, it is being discussed on a global scale," Semen stressed..

The journalist of Radio Liberty Nikolai Semyonu in April 2016, the occupation authorities of the Crimea were accused of extremism and an attempt on the territorial territorial integrity of Russia, for which he now faces up to five years of hold.

The reason for this was an article published on the website "Crimea.

Reality "on the blockade of the annexed peninsula by Ukrainian activists.

The Crimean Public Prosecutor's Office came to the conclusion that "the author of the publication made statements calling for carrying out isolation measures, including military operations, against the peninsula and its inhabitants".

The governments of several countries, including Ukraine, international organizations have repeatedly called on the Russian Federation to stop the criminal prosecution of Semyon and other Ukrainian journalists.

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