Hackers have stolen the documents of the Armenian National Security Service

04 September 2016, 22:39 | Technologies
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Azerbaijani hackers cracked Armenian government servers used, stole and published the passport data have entered the country of foreign nationals. Responsibility for the incident assumed the hacker group Anti-Armenia Team, known for its attacks on Armenian governmental resources.

According to the hackers, they have managed to crack the server of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia. According to The Register, citing unnamed IB expert, leaked data dump (including scanned copies of passports) is authentic.

Among the compromised data were internal resources of the Armenian National Security Service, used to update the passports of foreign nationals who have entered the territory of the country, as well as government agencies aimed analytical reports.

Despite the declaration of hacker attacks, information security experts who addressed journalists The Register, sure that the data leak was caused by insider. According to him, criminals hacked the computer of one of the employees who had access to the data. "Documents can be stolen in one person, and not from the" system ", according to hackers," - said the expert.

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