What kind of fruit must be eaten with bones

17 May 2018, 18:08 | Health
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In what use of ossicles or bonelets, experts in the field of a healthy food.

Pomegranate, olives, grapes and citrus fruits must be eaten together with bones - this is very useful for health, scientists say. Bones contain a high concentration of useful and necessary for the human body microelements.

According to dieticians, it is very useful to eat pomegranate stones, because they reduce irritability and nervousness.

Bones of olives contain elements that activate the process of eliminating toxins, normalizes the work of the nervous system and alleviates the symptoms of asthma..

Elements from grape bones very well affect the skin - it will become smooth and supple.

You can also eat watermelon seeds, which help normalize blood sugar levels.

Citrus bones help those who are often concerned about headaches. And they perfectly help restore the tone of the body.

As for apples, the bones of these fruits are not recommended for eating. Scientists note that the seeds of apples are rich in amygdalin, which when ingested into the intestine secrete poisonous hydrocyanic acid.

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