The British have developed a respiratory test that identifies lung cancer

12 August 2017, 23:14 | Health
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English scientists have developed a test that can detect a lung tumor by analyzing the composition of exhaled air. The effectiveness of the test is about 75%.

The concept of this definition of the disease is not new, but the design as a separate test set is an innovative solution.

Color sensor, the size of a coin is inexpensive and easy to use. According to experts, the use of such a color detector can revolutionize the approach to the diagnosis of lung cancer and save many lives.

The method of operation of the device is based on the fact that the composition of air that a person breathes out varies with disease by certain diseases, including cancer.

Such animals as dogs with a sharp scent are able to distinguish this breath odor.

The specific odor of breathing is given by volatile organic components, which could earlier be determined by means of capacious and expensive analyzes like mass spectroscopy or gas chromatography.

In contrast, the use of a new detector is simple and cheap and does not require specially trained personnel, which makes it possible to use the method in a wide routine practice.

The new method is very important for the detection of lung cancer, as often the disease is asymptomatic until the stage when its already practical can not be cured.

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