Found a remedy for insomnia

09 August 2017, 01:23 | Health
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American scientists have found a way to get rid of insomnia or insomnia. As they say, when you are going to go to bed, you should put a cold compress on your head, and before going to bed you need to ventilate the bedroom.

It is known that during sleep the activity of the human brain should slow down. Studies have shown that a person who suffers from insomnia does not do this: his frontal lobes actively continue to work.

To slow down the chemical processes in them, scientists advise to apply a cool compress to the forehead.

It is best to begin this "cooling therapy" 1 hour before going to bed.

Also for the normalization of sleep, it is necessary that the room in which you sleep is well ventilated. And it should be done in the evening, when the air temperature is lowered. Studies show that lack of oxygen is also a common cause of sleep disturbance health. Sumy. Ua.

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