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08 August 2017, 07:39 | Health
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The diagnosis that we set for ourselves and our loved ones when we hear the crunch when moving is the deposition of salts. Healing by popular methods gives quick and excellent results.

Having met at least one person over 20 years on the street and diagnosing "salt deposition", you will not go wrong. Indeed, the configuration in the salt metabolism is almost all people. The reason for this phenomenon is quite ordinary and lies in the wrong stereotypes associated with nutrition. Many, convinced of the existence of this difficulty, commit a heroic deed and completely abandon the use of table salt. Others seek help from masseurs. Are they correct, and what is the consequence of the deposition of salts?.

Symptoms of this disease appear in the form of a corresponding crunch in the spine and joints. A person pays his attention to a similar problem when it is decided to do various exercises for "stretching". With the first movements, all the joints begin to produce the corresponding acoustic sounds (crunch), and then there comes a pleasant feeling of lightness in the body. Such sounds are likely in this case, if a person spent a very long time in one position. For example, I read a fascinating book, I sat by the computer. There is no need to worry. Most likely, this is not a consequence of the disease.

There is also a hereditary deposit of salts. Healing should be started as early as possible, otherwise it may be fraught with such a nasty effect as gout. When it develops, the joints begin to ache, swell and turn red. For several days, unbearable pain lasts, then passes. Take into account that a decrease or a complete refusal from the use of table salt leads to nothing. Although what doctor can explain this by the fact that the salts located on your joints, and the usual salt of different chemical composition. It is only possible to accurately diagnose "salt deposition". After this, he specifically directs the patient to a massage therapist with the proper advice.

Daily nutrition is the most significant factor of salt deposition. Symptoms start to manifest early enough. The substances that make up the protein are not oxidized to the end. The result of their disgusting digestion are the salts that are located throughout the body, and namely, on the joints. Heredity to change is unreal, but a true diet will help prevent the occurrence or get rid of the deposition of salts. Healing contains healing and purification of blood vessels. This will allow a better blood supply to the small joints and free them from so uncomfortable saline growths. Do not expect the moment when the deposition of salts declares itself for unbearable pain. With the first feelings of discomfort, clean the vessels with very effective and non-dangerous folk recipes. It should be said that if you have an ulcer of duodenal ulcer or stomach, you should be more careful and consult a doctor.

Salt deposition is perfectly cured with a decoction of laurel leaves. Many doctors advise him specifically, as the best means in the fight against this disease, improving the elasticity and mobility of the joints. Fill it with boiling water. Absolutely suitable thermos. Take once a day before meals, dividing the glass into three meals. The pain and squeaks in the joints can be removed with the help of rice. To do this, the unpolished brown rice. Steep it for three days in water, and then pour it with clean water and cook until all the liquid has evaporated.

Divide the resulting cereal into four parts and eat for a day. Intervals between food should be similar. Before meals, drink half a glass of clean water. There is nothing more to be done. To fill the body with vitamins, you can brew a broth of dogrose and drink for a day. For the next day to the diet, add apples and beets to 0.5 kilograms. Compliance with such a diet, for three or four days will get rid of even the tiniest crunches in the joints.

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