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21 March 2017, 02:21 | Health
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To date, unfortunately, most men are familiar with such a medical specialty as andrology - a section of urology covering the health problems of male genital organs, regardless of age. This area includes problems related to the developmental anomaly, from congenital to genetically determined. A serious problem is caused by diseases based on inflammatory processes: prostatitis and the like, as well as the consequences of injuries and neoplasms.

Diagnosis of male health At all times, the criterion of male health is the functional reproduction, to date, this area is undergoing major changes from the negative side. The life expectancy of the male part of the population is significantly affected:.

The above factors significantly affect the life expectancy of the male part of the population, the more so that a strong sex does not particularly seek to visit the clinic at the first signs of violations. Regular visit to a specialist allows to identify health problems at the first stage of development. The most common disease is prostatitis, infertility and diseases arising from chaotic links.

Unfortunately, a man appears at a reception with a specialist only by coercion:.

Unfortunately, the modern way of life of most men: sedentary work, lack of exercise, inactive way of life - in the near future will guarantee the appearance of symptoms of prostatitis, impotence, hemorrhoids. The possibilities of prevention and treatment of male diseases can be studied at various sites, such as http: // www. Deltaclinic. Com / andrologiya /.

According to statistical data, about 50% of couples suffer from infertility due to the "incompetence" of men. To date, it is the male part of the world's population who need to think more about their health. Despite the fact that more than 60% of women turn to a doctor, men get sick more often. However, they arrive at the reception to a specialist when it is difficult to fix anything. This is based on false beliefs about masculinity or fear of visiting a doctor's office.

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