How to make the computer's Internet connection public?

13 February 2018, 15:54 | Science and Health
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It happens that there are several network adapters on the computer, for example, USB-modem or smartphone and card for Ethernet. You can make a connection through the first one accessible to all computers on your home network.

Preparation and setup If you have a router in your home network, you can make the connection to the Internet of one of the computers available to other devices connected via cable or over Wi-Fi. This feature is provided by the Windows operating system.

There are two prerequisites for successful work - it is the presence of at least two network adapters and the permanent operation of the computer, which will be called "distributing". For example, a connection via a USB modem or smartphone will be transferred to an Ethernet network card, to which you can connect another computer or router. First, you should check whether it is possible to create public connections. To do this, read the list of available network adapters.

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Connection process After checking compliance with all conditions, it is necessary to connect the computer that is distributing the connection to another computer or router. In the latter case, connect the cable to the input jack, which can be called WAN, Global or 0. The remaining devices are connected to the router by wire or by Wi-Fi. Then you should activate the selected connection, after which it must be made publicly available. To do this, you should:.

In the "Network and Sharing Center" on the distributing computer, click on the "Change adapter settings" link.

Click on the connection that you want to make public, two times.

In the Properties window, select the "Access" tab.

Check the box next to "Allow ... use the Internet connection of this computer".

The selected connection will be sent using another network adapter.

To cancel the accessibility of the connection, follow the steps described in reverse order.

Verify the connection Check if there is an Internet connection on computers that accept a public connection. To do this, open any site on each of them. You can also look at the connection icon in the taskbar. It should display the status - "Internet access". On the router, the corresponding status indicator should light up.

It must be remembered that during the entire session of the dispensing computer must remain on. It is also recommended to prevent it from entering sleep mode. On the distributing computer too it is possible to open sites.

Troubleshooting If you experience problems, you should check all connections. When using a USB modem, make sure that:.

it is reliably inserted into the port;.

All drivers and programs are installed for it;.

Then you should establish a connection to the Internet through a web interface or software.

If you use a smartphone on Android as the second network adapter, go to its settings, click on the "More" and "Modem and access point", and then click on the switch "USB-modem". We recommend using a high-quality USB cable.

You should be careful when choosing a connection that must be made publicly available. It is necessary to do this not with an Ethernet adapter, but with a modem, otherwise the result may be unpredictable.

Conclusion Thanks to the capabilities of the Windows operating system, a network connection can be used together. The decisive role is the order of actions and methods of connection.

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