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19 May 2017, 20:49 | Science and Health
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Problems with communication in the networks of "Megaphone" occurred due to a failure in the data warehouse of subscribers. The unnamed employees of two operators told Vedomosti that the failure occurred in the HLR system *. Representative of "Megafon" refused to officially name the reason for the failure.

The interlocutors of the newspaper explained that due to this malfunction, problems with connection to the network may arise even for Megafon subscribers outside of Russia, since the system will not be able to identify them.

It is noted that in January 2016 problems in the HLR could cause a large-scale disruption in the networks of the Beeline.

Problems with communication appeared at Megafon's subscribers in central Russia on May 19.

Affected also by Yota - a subsidiary of the operator. At the time of writing, the failure was not fixed..

Officially, the failure in "Megaphone" was explained by problems on the network equipment.

* HLR (Home Location Register) - Database, which stores information about the issued SIM-cards and the subscriber's telephone numbers attached to them. Turning to this database, the mobile communications tower finds out: you can connect your phone to the network or not.


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