Verbich: Winning on the field, and ZSU - at the battlefield

02 July 2022, 15:23 | Football
Беньямін Вербич, фото Динамо
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Dynamo Kiev winger Benjamin Verbych spoke about turning to the team, a difficult period of separation and speaking about success in Ukrainian soldiers.

" Radium buv turn around, shake all mayzhe through pivroku. We remember how we parted ways, and it was even more emotional if we got together. Radium again works with them, I look forward to matches with impatience. I'm a radii bachiti all, I'm spodіvayus, stink tezh buli for me. Good, if you feel like home.

Well,? first month bov important. Especially if the match between Legia and Dynamo, I have sipped all the boys and knowing how stench they suffer, more than enough of their loved ones. It would be awkward to play for our team. In my thoughts, I'm zavzhdi buv z Dynamo. I'm radium turn around here.

Bagatyokh having broken the moment, if you cried, hugging Denis Boyk? It was very important in my soul, the garna song sounded after the gri, and I thought at the same time that it was possible to stand up for Dynamo. But everything turned out differently, I turned to Dynamo, Ukraine already gave me a lot, and I want to pay. That's why I'm trying to help Dynamo to reach the Champions League.


Zvichayno, we moved with him to navit if I finished the season at Legia. They talked about those, if you pick up your buds. I feel comfortable practicing under yoga training, even if I know yoga coaching mastery. Yak and leather gravel.

What do you want to say to the soldiers of Ukraine? Tremites, we are with you. Mi, as we can, we will help you win on the football field. We are playing on the field, and you are there, "

Guessing that Dynamo wants to play a match in the championship in Ukraine.

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