Khomchenovsky: Roads opened up from Zorea, and propositions came from Kryvbas

02 July 2022, 13:49 | Football
Дмитро Хомченовський, фото ФК Кривбас Кривий Ріг
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More precisely, the transfer win for Ukrainian pivzakhist Dmytro Khomchenovsky is remembered for turning to Kryvbas, a 32-year-old football player who lost 11 more years after acting on the rights of a loan from Metalurh Donetsk.

The news of the vikonovets, who has not yet been the grave of the Luhansk Zoriya, having shared with his powerful hostility to the transfer.

" Here I myself, having begun my great path, to that turning here is the most important moment for me. Tim is better, knowing Yuriy Vernidub, I have no doubt that Kryvbas will face high tasks.

To be honest, I don’t remember what number I started here (No. 37 - ed.. Tse Bulo for a long time. So, number 10, which I have created is a significant number. On my side, I promise to keep everyone, and we remember the name of Kryvbas’s number.

First, I want to privatize Kryvbas from the return to the UPL. If I chose the club itself, then this is how the football life developed: from Zorya the roads forked, and from Kryvbas came the proposition.

I didn’t think for a second, I’ll say it like that. The presence here of Yuriy Mikolayovich played a great role in the transition. There was one whimpering here: Yuriy Mikolayovich, having telephoned, and immediately they all lied. Everything became more slick.

I already know of the greater number of lads. There will be no problems with adaptation. The team accepted even better.

I think that my special goals and goals for the club are falling:

only forward, in the corner to the most important places. Upevneniy, from Yuriy Vernydub, the team will not set the task of simply securing the UPL.

The future draw of the championship of Ukraine is to be held exclusively in Ukraine, even if we are the same people, like all others. To that, I respect, the decision is correct. I would like abi Ukrainians to have an important hour for the country, I want three,"

For a short time football player Khomchenovsky played 22 matches with one assist.

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