Sobutsky: Agribusiness wins the First League

29 June 2022, 22:19 | Football
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Oleg Sobutsky commenting on the club's plans for the future.

The President of Agrobusiness Oleg Sobutsky spoke about the situation at his club, and also shared his thoughts about the upcoming season.

" Contracts were opened with these football players, as they did not turn around. Tі, scho є, take the entire salary. So the administrative staff itself, in general obsyasi.

People are guilty of mother Yakus rejoicing, vіdpochinok. I support. I continue to finance the selection of veterans, it was not a year that we did not pay salaries and taxes. Boys ride, pick up bones. Child is also utrimuёmo. They take care of them, there is no food for childish football. All is guilty pratsyuvati.

I don’t understand, now turn around the army of people, so that the club is functioning. I spoke with PFL. They said that there will be matches without peeps. No sense. The only plus is that the footballers kept themselves in shape, but it will not be perfect. In my opinion, it is necessary to take a break. The head win will be a win over rashism. If there will be food, if we are embarrassed, we will win the First League, then, obviously, we will win. Ale, we wouldn’t want to, to the one who’s going to war. All the forces and finances are united today for our victory.

Maybe they talked about those who drove a 6-year-old boy in the Luhansk region. The stinks bombed us. Understand, the mine fell five meters away - I didn’t take a hundred meters in my youth, like with a baby in my arms to the Lisichansk likarni. two kilometers. Vin in my arms and died.

You know, after that, we’ll marvel at life in a different way.

There are six of us to serve the club, but it’s not like that, as it seems. We stink right to serve - in the Special Operations Forces. Stink all at the meeting at the same time. The stench showed a good cause, went through special courses and fought battles,"

It is significant that Sobutskiy himself and five practical teams, including vice-president Andriy Donets and goalkeeper Sergiy Chizh, serve at the lavas of ZSU in hot spots.

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