Seleznyov - about his form: It is necessary to throw off three kilograms. Tse is not a problem, I'm in character

29 June 2022, 18:09 | Football
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Forward of the Transcarpathian club zapevniv, what for a kіlka tizhn_v bring yourself into shape.

Minayu's forward Yevgen Seleznyov spoke about his physical form, and also shared his plans for the future.

" I think 3-4, but not food for me. Chotiri months actually didn’t do anything. I'm already practicing and throwing off chotiri kilos. This is not food for me, because at the same time there were already three workouts a day. I'm in character. If it's an incentive, if it's going to be a championship, it's not food for me. I train and work everything I can. It is required to throw off 2-3 kilograms - maximum. It's not a problem, but I'm trying to turn fat into m'yazi at once.

I spoke with Sharan. Do you want to continue the contract. I thought back to back, why finish it, but I still haven’t got enough. I'm running, like young graves reaching out to me. I will understand what I need to convey. Pivroku - and everything that I can, I will fill it with. How far away the stench of grace - ce їhnє food. But I want to show you how you need to practice, how important it would not be to replace it in the base.

І as a requirement to work your right. I care what I can. I'll show you my practice, what do you need to work. If I’m a stimulus, if I’m supposed to prag, pratsyuvati, to get rid of satisfaction, then I’ll be able to work and those that I can,” Seleznyov said at the Denisov Time program. Viyna.

Earlier, the head coach of Minay Volodymyr Sharan, having stated that he is insured for the 36-year-old attacker, the contract of such a striker is up to its completion.

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