Dubinchak: Fenerbahce is a good superman

21 June 2022, 00:45 | Football
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Gravets kiyan is ready to fight for promotion to the Champions League group.

Dynamo defender Vladislav Dubinchak spoke about preparations for the new season at the club base near Konch-Zasp.

\? For this, I want to give a big shout-out to our soldiers, as they allow us to be here, in Ukraine, on our native base - thank you for this opportunity.

Emotions were fluctuating, even if it was important to go to the games, if your country has a war. Reception bula warm support in the form of our hospitals, like at once perebuvayut behind the cordon. It is impossible to say to him whether they were less negative or less positive. All the time we tried to buti at once, gathered together, supported our Defensive Forces, whoever could.


Supernik is good, I’m going to do it, we’ll go through it, we’ll go to the next round and then we’ll get to the group stage of the Champions League. Age is important for the club, the country, the image of our state.

Don't give up AEK? I don't think it matters. Yakby, we needed to go through more than one round, it’s possible, im’ya supernik, it’s like bi. And so the mustaches of the supermen are good, so there is no meaning, start with a good team, chi finish, "

Let's guess that earlier the goalkeeper of Dynamo Kyiv shared his thoughts and emotions on the way back to Kyiv.

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