FIFA investigates the saying Kinds "Glory to Ukraine!"

08 July 2018, 15:37 | Football
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Domaja Vida, the defender of the Croatian national team, may be punished for saying "Glory to Ukraine!" On the video after the victory over the Russian national team.

Croatia played 2-2 with Russia in the quarter-finals of the 2018 World Cup, and then won on a 4: 3 penalty. Vida scored one of the goals in the game, and then realized a post-match penalty.

Journalist Andrei Shakhov published a video in which Vida in the company with another ex-Dinamo Ognen Vukojevic said: "Glory to Ukraine!".

This caused a lot of indignation in Russia and later Domagoy assured that it was just a joke.

ESPN FC contacted FIFA to comment on the situation.

"FIFA is studying various match reports, as well as potential evidence on this issue. While we do not evaluate all available information, we can not give further comments, "- said the organization.

Article 3 of the FIFA disciplinary code prohibits "political slogans in any form," and article 54 says that "anyone who provokes the public during a match will be disqualified for two games and fined a minimum of 5 thousand Swiss francs".

Previously, the threat of disqualification hung over the players of the national team of Switzerland - Granit Jaka and Jerdan Shakiri. They, during the celebration of the goals at the gates of Serbia, showed the gesture of the "Albanian eagle", because they are Kosovars by origin.

In the end, the players were not punished.

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