“I think Russia is already doing too much”: Tsurenko emotionally urged to stop the aggressor country

30 June 2022, 18:09 | Sports
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Fifth racket of Ukraine Lesya Tsurenko said that her family is running away from the war for the second time. When she was 4 years old, she left Georgia due to the Russian invasion.

" My family lived in Georgia. On the eve of the New Year from 1992 to 1993, we fled Georgia because there was a war. This war was created by Russia. Therefore, this is the second time my family has been affected by the actions of the Russian authorities.. It was 28 years ago. I am 33 years old. When we left, I was 4 years old," org.

Ukrainian urged to stop the aggressor country.

This needs to be stopped. 28 years for me personally how my family suffered. This has to be stopped somehow.. It's my opinion.

I think so, if there is something that every person in this world can do, it will be good if he does it.. If someone thinks donating $10 means nothing, it doesn't.. It means a lot. In the main city of my region in Nikolaev there has been no water for several months. So if you think $10 is nothing, but it's actually 10 bottles of water for these people,"

Tsurenko explained the importance of sanctions against Russian and Belarusian athletes.

" Athletes are also eliminated because there is a reason. Russia must be stopped. It's my opinion. I am very sorry for such countries as Ukraine, Georgia, I am not saying that I do not feel sorry for others because of other conflicts. I think Russia is already doing too much. That's too much. They must be stopped by any means possible.. This is just a step (sanctions - ed.). This is a good step, showing what we should all be doing.. And I am Ukrainian. head there can be no other options. Again, I would be the first to say that they do not need to be eliminated.. But as I said, yes, I was wrong here, I only heard the opinion of one player from Belarus and another player from Russia, I was personally told that this person is against the war. I haven't heard anything from others.. And for me, silence is a sign... Nothing good... I thought I had many friends in the Tour, especially Russians and Belarusians, "

Also, the Ukrainian responded to the lies of Russian propagandists about the missile attack on the shopping center in Kremenchug.

“It is especially painful for me to see that Russian propaganda simply says that, for example, this shopping center in Kremenchug did not work.. This is a lie because my fitness trainer is from this city.. His mother-in-law works at this mall and she was lucky" The coach and his father were not far from that place.. In my opinion, he was hit by debris. My father fell due to the blast,” said Tsurenko at a press conference after defeating Angelina Kalinina..

Recall that the famous Ukrainian gymnast Victoria Onoprienko lost a loved one in the war.

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