"Karpaty" released players to Spain and Bulgaria

06 June 2016, 19:36 | Sports
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Lviv "Karpaty" announced two transfers of football players to foreign clubs. Defender Igor Plastun joined the Bulgarian "Ludogorets" and midfielder Alex Gutsulyak - in Spanish "Villarreal".

As previously reported, the 18-year-old Gutsulyak moved to the "Villarreal" for a year on loan, after which the Spanish club will be able to redeem player contract for 1.5 million euros.

As for the 25-year-old Plastun, then, according to unofficial information, its transfer "Karpaty" earned 500 thousand euros.

"We let go of our captain, because he has the opportunity to play in the Champions League. I think that the "Carpathians" such a possibility would not be in the coming years. Keep young and talented player does not make sense. Especially because we have a serious compensation for transition Plastun "Ludogorets".

In recent years, we have not detained young players.

This was the situation with Marian Swede is now let go of Alexis Gutsulyak, which we pay in rent with option to buy "Villarreal". We want to set an example for young people, not only the western part of our country, but the whole Ukraine. We do not keep going, but on the contrary - we take care of our children to grow. After school in which learns eight children, should be an example ", - said the president" Carpathians "Peter Petro Dyminskyi.

Earlier, it was reported that the new season of "Karpaty" will be headed by Valery Yaremchenko.

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