Khabensky refused to be photographed with the son of Evelina Bledans with Down syndrome

13 July 2018, 01:03 | The Company
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Actress Evelina Bledans complained to Instagram on the artist Konstantin Khabensky for not wanting to make a joint photo with her son, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome. The post of Bledans was later removed, but his screen was published by the media.

"Now there should have been a photo with Konstantin Khabensky, but ... Semik and I received a categorical refusal. Although we live in one small closed hotel, and I introduced myself and told that a child with Down's syndrome (and a photo for his page), "wrote Bledans.

The actress noted that she often supported the fund of Khabensky and understands that it is important for the artist personal space. "But to refuse a special child and a colleague to take a picture - no! ", She stressed..

Bledans added that after the publication of this message, she will never be photographed with Khabensky.

Despite the fact that the post was later removed, subscribers Bledans arranged a discussion about what happened in the comments to other photos of the actress.

"Let him shove him where he wants, even in ballet, even in the closet in the hallway, and poke him to someone else's house, pestering his" make a photo "has no right! But Constantine could! And refused, "- wrote the user tori. 2696. Some of the subscribers criticized Khabensky, calling him arrogant.

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