Kazakh oligarch Kenes Rakishev and Mobli CEO Moshe Hogeg caught in sex scandal

29 December 2016, 16:15 | The Company
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Kenes Rakishev according to Forbes is recognized as one of the fifty most influential people in Kazakhstan. It is known that a millionaire is not indifferent to the IT-sphere, which gladly puts allegedly honestly earned money. Among the business partners Rakisheva appears founder of photo sharing and video content Mobli Moshe Hogeg network.

Hogeg and his offspring are popular with celebrities who invest money in the photo service. Among the investors actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, tennis player Serena Williams, cyclist Lance Armstrong. If DiCaprio invested in Mobli four million dollars, Kenes Rakishev five times as much - twenty million. Israel CEO went on in cooperation with the Kazakh investor, founding two venture funds and creating ultra-secure smartphone for twenty thousand dollars apiece, has not received special recognition.

However, it turned out that young people are bound not only start-ups. Moshe makes Kenes compliments in the form of beautiful girls for sex services.

Hello, Kenes, come to meet us in Israel - say the beauty on video sent Moses and send millionaire kisses.

Rakishev, like a real man, unable to give them up, and ready to respond Services Business Partner.

This is a wonderful invitation, I will come as soon as I can. If you make a great gift for a few weeks, I will bring to you special girls from Kazakhstan - promises Rakishev, as an experienced pimp international scale.

Apparently, the gift has reached its destination and sex vacation place, because in subsequent correspondence Hegog Rakisheva sends a photo of one of the girls - Danielle, showing watch from Dior. Generous gift for the favor of the Kazakh banker cost not less than ten thousand dollars.

In February 2013, Moshe and Kenes agree to meet in New York. Hegog Rakisheva sends a letter, in which the subject is only one word is written: Choose! and provides a link to the portfolio of models to the site Agency DEJAVU MANAGEMEN.

Based on materials: dejavu-model.com

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