A loving couple from the “Top Model in Ukrainian” told about their relationship

28 November 2018, 19:16 | Show Business
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Nobody expected such a turn of events.. In one week, model-reality experts led by Alla Kostromicheva sent Yaroslav Krutov home. And on the next project, her beloved Dima Toporinsky left the project. To which, by the way, many predicted, if not a victory, then exactly the exit to the final of the “Top Models in Ukrainian” (New Channel).

“After leaving the project, I was in Kiev for some time and had already planned to go to my parents, to Crimea, when Dima left reality,” Yasya Krutova told during an online conference on the New Channel website. - It was only a few hours between his departure from the model house and my departure to my mother. And instead of going to his home, Dima immediately after the last interview, in the middle of the night, rushed to my friends, whom I then spent the night. The time before my departure, we spent together. It was wow!.

Further more. While Yarosla visited her mother, Dima was looking for an apartment in Kiev. To bring your beloved to a new home upon arrival.

“I didn’t know anything about it,” says Yaroslav.. - I expected that together we will do it when I return from the Crimea. But I come, and we have already finished apartment, which Dima found and rented.

For nearly six months, the couple lives, works and rests together.. The guys say - they are not a bit tired of each other. And domestic concerns do not affect their relationship..

- We have never quarreled, - says Dima Toporinsky. - We do not hover everyday moments.

There were crumbs on the table - well, stayed. We are creative people, so we make light mess.. Usually, Yaroslav is engaged in household chores - washing dishes, preparing. I can get away sometimes too. But Yasya is really the keeper of the hearth.. And thanks to her, it's always cozy and warm at home.. And what is she doing chicken broth.

Watch the new release of the project “Top Model in Ukrainian” this coming Friday at 19:00 on the New Channel and after the broadcast on TV. UA.

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