Ruslana supported the project, which will change the energy of Ukraine

12 July 2018, 21:10 | Show Business
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The famous Ukrainian singer Ruslana actively encourages the idea of ??renewable energy. Together with her team, the singer and public figure adapted the documentary film "Power to Change" (German for Change) by German director Karl-A. Fechner in Ukrainian and organized his public display.

In Lviv Polytechnic within the framework of the scientific conference, the online broadcast of the film was also organized in parallel at other universities of Ukraine.

"This film is about the struggle of German entrepreneurs, scientists, young entrepreneurs, activists, students and teachers against lobbyists of oil, coal and other fossil energy," commented Ruslan.

The winner of many European film festivals "Power to Change" tells about the challenges facing Germany and Ukraine on the way to energy independence and transition to clean renewable sources.

One of the themes of the film was the situation in Ukraine and the war in the Donbass in the context of the struggle for resources - access to traditional sources of energy.

The review was attended by the director of the film Karl-A. Fechner, guest of the show from Germany Hans-Josef Fell - the "father" of the idea of ??a green tariff and a package of German laws on renewable energy, Ukrainian singer and social activist Ruslana Lyzhichko, as well as representatives of German and Ukrainian organizations.

"War for freedom and independence of Ukraine continues. Therefore, we should work with tripled energy over projects that make Ukrainians better, richer, stronger, - says Ruslana. "Ceasing dependence on fossil energy sources and their suppliers, developing their own renewable energy is a global project for our country that, if it succeeds, will change history without exaggeration".

Let's remind, earlier the singer Natalia Mirnaya supported the project against violence in the family.

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