In Kiev, a concert "Music inspired by Roksolana" took place

13 June 2018, 20:21 | Show Business
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On June 11, the National Philharmonic Society of Ukraine hosted a thematic concert-story, where for the first time all musical works dedicated to Roksolana. The event was organized by the Embassy of Turkey and the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine with the aim of improving relations in the cultural sphere.

All musical works dedicated to Hurrem Sultan, composers such as Josef Haydn, Nevit Kodalli, Dmitry Akimov, Aitekin Atash and Yevgeny Stankovich, who wrote the work "Symphonic Painting" specially for this event, were collected at the creative evening.. Thus, this concert is unique from the point of view of musical historiography.

Among the invited guests were: Ambassador of Turkey to Ukraine Jonet Jan Tezel, First Deputy Minister of Culture Fomenko Svetlana, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Vasily Bodnar and Honored actress of Ukraine Olga Sumskaya, who 20 years ago played the role of Roksolana in the Ukrainian eponymous series.

"Turkey and Ukraine have a rich common history, and even now in modern Ukraine we often recall the historical personality of Roksolana.

Several Ukrainian, Turkish and European composers were inspired by Hurrem and wrote unique music dedicated to her, "commented Jonet Jan Tezel, Turkish Ambassador to Ukraine.

Between performances of the orchestra, Olga Sumskaya quoted letters from Suleiman and Roksolana and outstanding poems dedicated to the Ukrainian Hurrem. The concert was completed with music from the introductory part of the series "The Magnificent Age. Roksolana "performed by the Honored Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Ukrainian Radio, led by conductor Vladimir Sheiko.

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