It became known, with whom Ukrainian stars are friends

08 June 2018, 23:58 | Show Business
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On June 9, the International Day of Friends is celebrated all over the world. Journalists managed to learn from the coaches of the League of Laughter project, who for them is the closest friend in life.

Recall, the new issues of the project will be aired on the channel 1 + 1 in the autumn, and the shooting of the Summer Cup will be held in Kiev on August 20.

Yuri Tkach: "My wife Vikusya is my closest friend. We immediately realized that we should be together, even though our romance began with friendly relations. We had love at first sight with all the ensuing consequences. I remember, I noticed that Vika called me a normal dude, and I was immediately hooked. After all, a normal friend is one with whom you can talk about everything, be bored and silent, and who understands you with a half-word. My Vic is exactly this ".

Vlad Yama: "I have a friend of Dima who became my son's godfather. He was my friend from the university. We met in the hostel, and through much went together. He is also involved in sports and works as a fitness trainer. It so happened that now he lives in Miami, but friendship is not a hindrance. For a year and a half, for example, we already visited him twice. So even long distances are not a reason to interrupt communication with real friends ".

Evgeny Koshevoi: "I have two close friends - this is my mother-in-law and Vova Zelensky. I can call them at any time of day or night. With Vova we met at the KVN festival, when he was already a star, and I was 17 years old. Well, with my mother-in-law, whom I have called my mother for many years, I was introduced, in fact, by my wife Ksyusha, when we just started to meet ".

Olya Polyakova: "It so happened that my husband replaced me with all her friends. They, of course, and now there are, but my husband in truth is more interesting to me. Excuse me, my beloved girls. In addition, with my girlfriend, I could not have lived in the same house for 15 years ".

Nadja Dorofeeva: "I love people and try to surround myself with good and positive guys.

All of the company "MOZGI Entertainment" really are my close friends. To me on performances of "League of laughter" often comes girlfriend Masha and my husband Vova. I do not have one that friends "mesh" on different companies, and only I - the connecting link of them. All important events we celebrate and hold together ".

Stas Boklan: My closest friend is my wife. We can talk and discuss anything. This is also the friendship. Therefore, we have been together for many years ".

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