The Brezhnevs' Beliefs Struck Her With a Touching Surprise

17 May 2018, 14:52 | Show Business
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Close people of the popular singer Vera Brezhneva stole her from filming under the pretext of a surprise.

As it turned out, the actress was taken to the village of Chaplino, where her childhood passed. In the house of her great-grandmother, where her sister Nina's sister is now in charge, Vera was overwhelmed with nostalgic memories of a carefree childhood.

"Yesterday an unexpected happiness happened to me. My close people have surprised me. I was in the shooting in St. Petersburg. And in the morning I went to rehearsal, but found myself in a beautiful place. In the village of Chaplino, Volkhov district. In a house in which I was not 30 years old, but where I spent many days of my happy childhood.

Here lived my great-grandmother Katya, from whom we stayed with my grandmother Vera. Thirty years later, I remembered every room, every rug, even this tree. The house was not sold, on the contrary, much was left, as it was, the sister of Vera's grandmother continues to live in it - Nina. And yesterday they were waiting for me there. These sensations can not be conveyed. A real child carefree. ", - shared Brezhnev.

We will remind, earlier Nadezhda Matveyeva was left alone on the show "Everything will be good".

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