Irina Bilyk admitted that she hides from her husband

13 February 2018, 12:18 | Show Business
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On the eve of Valentine's Day singer Irina Bilyk frankly told about her personal life in one of the recent interviews.

So, the actress shared what, in her opinion, is true love.

"True love is when you do not dream of another man. You look at your own - and he is the most beautiful for you, even if he has a tummy, but he is yours. I do not envy women who are still in search: it's so hard to think where your half lives. And mine is already near me, "Irina.

Although the husband of the singer is not always physically close to each other, since Aslan Hamadov works in another country, they are constantly in touch. After all, the fruit of their love - two-year-old Tabriz, who lives with Irina - every day the father's voice should be heard.

"Tabriz is a very energetic boy, and I like that. Let him even turn my apartment into ruins, but this is my child, "- said the singer.

It turns out that the son of the singer shows culinary "talents": "Give him a cutlet, a mush, and he picks up and pours sweet tea, mixes everything, maybe another apple. To our question: "What are you doing? ", He replies:" I know what I'm doing ".

Also, Bilyk made an incredible confession - when Aslan comes, she is unwell, because her husband forbids her to consume salt, milk, sweets and her favorite sausage.

"Aslan does not eat this at all. And I'm so ashamed when he comes, I'm hiding somewhere, I eat a piece so that he does not think that I'm the wrong wife, "Irina added in a joke.

Recall, previously the leader of the group "Antibody" told about the experiments in bed with ALYOSHA.

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