The winner of the "X-Factor" Alexander Poryadinskiy said goodbye to his "half"

13 September 2017, 12:20 | Show Business
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The winner of the "X-Factor" Alexander Poryadinskiy won another trophy - victory over himself. He lost weight by 60 kilograms and overcame the fear of heights.

When Alexander Poryadinsky came to the show of the fourth season of "X-Factor" with a weight of 150 kilograms, no one could think that this young man will seriously take a great interest in sports. Today Sasha not only actively engaged in the gym, supporting himself in the form, but also carried away by extreme sports.

So, by the Day of Physical Culture and Sport in Ukraine Poryadinskiy decided to jump from 26 meters.

"I was jumping from the Pedestrian Bridge in Kiev. Sensations are very unusual. The first fractions of a second of free fall, when you do not feel the safety rope, it seems that you fly towards your destiny. But it was not scary - I believe that everyone has his own destiny, and you can not deceive her, "the singer said..

Let's remind, earlier Рамина Эсхакйй has declared, that has thrown Козловского on time.

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